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Meeting set to discuss Fairfield Beach lion cubs

MILLERSPORT – Fairfield Beach residents and others with questions about the lion cubs now being raised on Queen Road will have an opportunity to get them answered next month.

John Moore, who owns the cubs, presented a detailed emergency protocol to Walnut Township Trustees and Millersport Fire Chief Matt Begum at Tuesday night’s trustees’ meeting. The document outlines the precautions to be taken if a major storm threatens the area. “They will be essentially triple-caged,” Moore pledged. “We try to be real responsible.”

Trustee Sonny Dupler vouched for Moore’s care. He said the cubs are housed in good, clean cages. The cages are inside a perimeter fence around the patio. “You can’t get your hand through it (the fencing),” Moore added. He said the cubs basically play, eat and nap. They sleep about 20 hours per day.

As the cubs grow up, the perimeter fence will be moved out and raised in height to 12 feet. Moore added that the cubs have been declawed. In response to a question from Trustee Bill Yates about the impact of the recently enacted exotic animal regulations, Moore said an electronic chip with a transponder will be implanted in each animal. The transponder allows tracking of the animal’s whereabouts. He added that reports that he has snakes in the house that is being renovated are untrue.

Fairfield Beach Property Owners Association President Danny Phillips expressed some concern about the effect of the noise from the BLASST fireworks on the cubs. Moore said they were taking special precautions, adding that the cubs are used to loud noises. Phillips also asked trustees to hold a meeting at Fairfield Beach to give residents a chance to ask questions and express concerns.

Trustees unanimously agreed to hold their next regular meeting at the Fairfield Beach Property Owners clubhouse. Trustees cancelled their July 3 meeting due to BLASST, so the Fairfield Beach meeting will be at 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 17.

In other business Tuesday night, trustees unanimously approved road supervisor Tim Morris’ recommendation to start sealing cracks on township roads. He found a company that will supply the equipment if the township buys their sealer. Morris said the township could also rent the equipment from the county and buy the sealer separately. He found that renting the county equipment would save about $76 if they used about 2,000 pounds of sealer. Morris recommended using the “free” equipment due to its much better condition and the very small premium cost. Morris said a regular program of cracksealing will extend the life of county roads. He plans to purchase 2,000 lbs. of sealer and seal cracks this fall.

Morris also reported that the township may have received one of the last Community Development Block Grants available to repave Birch Road. The $47,000 grant will be used to install three inches of motor pave asphalt next year. Trustees thanked Morris for his hard work and perseverance.

Trustee President Terry Horn had some good news. He said Capital Welding of Columbus is the new owner of the former Phoenix Tire Recycling plant on Ohio 37, just north of the railroad track. The property has been vacant for years after Ohio EPA cleaned up a large accumulation of tires that the former owners left at the site. “They plan to fix up the place,” Horn added.

Trustees next regular meeting has been moved to Fairfield Beach. It’s set for 7 p.m. on Tuesday, July 17, at the Fairfield Beach Property Owners clubhouse at 13155 Laurel Road.

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