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McFarland supported for mayor


Support Mike McFarland for Mayor of The Village of Hebron.

Knowing Mike and Donita for more than 50 years, we can attest to their commitment to not only the country, community, civic duties and the residents of Hebron. Both lifelong residents and now retired ready to give further support in the development of this Village.

Mike’s experience has afforded him to understand the operational mode of Village government. He has demonstrated success on several projects for the Village as their Administrator operating the public services and as Tax Administrator. His involvement in public service for Hebron started in the 70’s, servicing on the Board of Public Affairs and continues today.

This election, Hebron has the option to select a different view and ideas for the Mayor’s position. Having a credible and well prepared candidate to challenge for Mayor has not happened in Hebron for a long time. Support Mike McFarland for Mayor of Hebron.

Rick & Terri Orr


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