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Mayor: Thornville is in a good state

THORNVILLE – The Village is poised for a decent year according to Thornville Mayor Gavin Renner’s 2015 State of the Village address.

According to a transcript of Renner’s Thornville State of the Village, “The Village of Thornville remains a strong community both financially and in spirit. During the 2014 calendar year, the village received several decisions on pending litigation. While those decisions were not always favorable, the village will have to accept those decisions and move forward.

“Financially, the village is in a strong position. Our accounts are above $2 million in available funds. Achieving this has taken a number of years to accomplish. While this seems like a high number, it’s easy to spend this reserve away. Other communities are struggling with the consequences of over-spending. We should continue with our frugal approach to avoid this problem. On the flip side, it’s not in the best interests of the village to accumulate taxpayer money solely for the purposes of emergencies. We are at a position where we should begin planning for expenditures on a regular and appropriate basis.

“I urge the village council to look at road resurfacing. The state has not paved SR 204 as planned. The alleys and roadways in the community are starting to show wear and tear. While it is expensive to maintain roads, I suggest the village plan roadwork on a regular basis. The village council and administration should partner on this issue.

“The village is spending money on the lift station near the Shelly Company. While this project seems to be going well, there is pending action on resolving infiltration and inflow issues. This is a painful issue as it falls on property owners to take on the costs associated with fixing these issues. I suggest the village determine if further action is needed on this issue or if the current steps were enough. We should ensure that we aren’t unnecessarily pressing residents to spend money.

“Business opportunity in the village is mixed. Given the current situation the primary commercial district in the corporation limit lies in the village center. This limits commercial opportunities in the village, as properties in the town center do not conform to modern commercial standards for parking and facilities. I suggest we look at development standards for commercial property in the town center to ensure they will encourage economic development.

“Housing continued to experience growth. There were several permits issued for new housing. The number of available properties for sale in the village is low. Lots are available in subdivisions in Deer Trail Estates and Thornhill Phase 1. Additionally, lots are available on Craig Drive.

“The village council and planning commission have open seats for residents. There are currently two open council positions and two open planning commission positions. I strongly encourage residents to consider taking the time to volunteer their time and expertise to help make Thornville a stronger community. Please send resumes to the Village Office care of mayor and village council.

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