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Mayor asks voters to support police levy


Baltimore residents support Basil Joint Fire District levies. We need that support for the police department on Nov. 6.

Voters are being asked to increase our 1% income tax to 1.75%, earmarking the increase for police protection. In 2011, we had to eliminate two police officer positions for financial reasons. Baltimore rarely asks voters for more money. We are asking now to keep our community safe. This levy will restore a badly needed full-time officer position and provide funds for the department’s day-to-day operations like gasoline, cruiser maintenance, wages and insurance.

I want to clarify some issues:

• The Fairfield County Sheriff’s Office does NOT assign a vehicle exclusively to Baltimore when we don’t have an officer on duty:

• Sheriff Dave Phalen has taken major budget cuts so it could take 15-20 minutes for a deputy to respond;

• On-duty Baltimore officers normally respond in about four minutes;

• By state law, water and sewer funds can only be used for water and sewer; and

• Our income tax is assessed on earned income only, not on Social Security or pensions.

These are challenging times for many of us. When I was first elected mayor, a long-time resident told me, “Bob, work with the community and Council to make Baltimore safe and secure for our families and children.”

Drugs are a very real problem in central Ohio. We need to keep our families and community safe. Please join me by supporting the police levy to protect our quality of life and keep moving Baltimore forward.

Mayor Robert Kalish

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