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Maybe Wells should move to Hebron


June 10th was the day that Ms. Wells felt the need to have both Buckeye Lake and Hebron EMS come to her residence. I am personally disgusted with Ms. Wells` behavior, a prestigious resident of Buckeye Lake and former council member. Wells was extremely selfish to insist that Hebron come to her aid AFTER Buckeye Lake was already there. What if her indecisiveness could of caused a child to lose their life because Wells had to have what she wanted?

I’m all for preferences, but in the sense it could be life threatening, then Wells if you prefer Hebron then maybe you should consider moving there. What happened to the woman who I personally looked up to as a role model? This woman helped us get our skate park, she cared about the kids and the community, and now she selfishly takes the precious time of the local EMS during the summer?! One of the busiest times of the year?! I’m honestly surprised this was allowed. You get what your given, if you don’t like it then change it. Don’t risk other people’s lives. You are adults.

Amanda Jean Young

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