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Maybe Peterson should move


I guess Licking County Dog Warden John Silva has another GOB that he wants to hire so he is allowing one employee at the pound to be, in my opinion, badgered by a volunteer. (I’m not going to name the pound employees or the volunteer because there is a pre-disciplinary hearing on the employee scheduled for June 16) Since this volunteer seems to be Silva’s right arm, I will call the volunteer “John 2.” Silva is obviously the John #1.

According to public records, pound volunteer John 2 filed a complaint on a pound employee stating that Employee 1 is “deliberate and provoking in actions and statements.”

According to testimony from Employee 2, John 2 was in a highly agitated state when entering the pound (the day of the protest). Upon arriving, John 2 advised Employee 1 to go outside and tell the protestors that they cannot be on county property. Employee 1 refused stating, “that is not in my job description.” Employee 2 also stated that John 2 took several dogs out and walked them toward the protestors and could see John 2 having a loud confrontation with several of the protestors. John 2 made the remark to Employee 2 that if protestors have any signs that s/he doesn’t like s/he will “(expletive) rip them down.”

Employee 2 also stated that John 2 made derogatory comments about Employee 1’s son in which Employee 1 responded inappropriately by saying, “You need to grow the (expletive) up.”

Part of John 2’s complaint is that the county’s mission statement calls for citizens to be treated with dignity, respect, honesty and fairness and that Employee 1 does not abide by this statement and is deliberate and provoking in actions and statements.

As I have said before, volunteers at the pound agree to adhere to the policies, proper practices and directives at the pound and also agree to not promote any conflicts. Twice I have asked John 1 about the status of the complaints on John 2. He has not responded either time.

I believe that John 1 is guilty of malfeasance by allowing a volunteer to behave inappropriately toward employees and it is high time to flush these Johns! I will share the outcome of the hearing when I get the results.

And, speaking of inappropriate comment, Buckeye Lake Council President Jeryne Peterson was quoted in a recent Beacon as saying, “People who don’t like the way the village operates should consider moving. We don’t want you here. We want positive.” She also said people should be proud and not allow Buckeye Lake Village to become a “laughing stock.”

Ms. Peterson, you are NOT a dictator! You are an agent OF THE PEOPLE in this village! It is because of statements like yours and the SELFISH actions of public and/or elected officials that many communities become a laughing stock. Maybe YOU should move or at least step down from council if you really believe the voice OF THE PEOPLE should be silenced!

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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