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Marx supported for prosecutor


Fancy brochures and endorsement look good on mailers. Nearly all serious candidates spend big bucks trying to convince voters they will be the best office holder. Voters need to look past colored pictures and decide who has the best credentials for the office that person featured on the brochure is seeking.

Republicans are about to choose the candidates for Fairfield County prosecutor. I would suggest voters consider the actual experience each candidate brings to the table.

Greg Marx has worked as an assistant prosecutor. He was appointed to finish David Landefelds elected term. Mr. Marx has 30 years prosecuting all sorts of felons with great success. He has invaluable experience in murder cases. Experience is a must or extra funds will be spent calling in assistance to handle such cases. Do we need to put tax-payers in such a position in this down economy? And after all it is the taxpayer who foots the bills for all public offices and office holders. We need to buy the best in the first place.

Terre Vandervoort has experience in misdemeanors only. I’m sure she does a fine job, but shouldn’t she serve as an assistant before she attempts to take on the responsibility of County Prosecutor. Once more, we need to buy the best in the first place.

Ann Rowland

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