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March on the Dam Sunday

Sunday’s March on the Dam will be one of our last opportunities to remember our unique Buckeye Lake vistas. Installation of the five-foot high chain link fence will begin Monday, Nov. 30. The fence will be in place until construction is completely finished which could be as long as four years. For the next seven months or longer, our peaceful dam will look more like a highway construction project with large off-road articulated dumps rumbling by at all hours hauling some of the 320,000 cubic yards of bank run that will become the stability berm.

Most of the trees will soon be removed. Any tree with a canopy that would overhang the new stability berm will be removed. Advisory committee members were told Monday that maybe 24 trees will be left.

Though the final “streetscape” design as an ASI Constructors manager termed it is not settled, we know the some 15 foot wide new dam will be capped with concrete. The 30-35 foot wide stability berm will be pulled back to about 15 feet after the seepage barrier is installed.

What will go on top of the concrete cap has not been decided. What is certain is that it will look like a dam, not like the current tiny lakeside front yards with small gardens, decks, patios etc. Come out at 1 p.m. on Sunday, Nov. 22, to remember Buckeye Lake as it was, not what it will become. Walkers are meeting in Our Lady of Mt. Carmel Church parking lot at 1 p.m.

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