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Make Snug Harbor a public park


My husband and I are residents of the original “Snug Harbor” on the south side of Buckeye Lake. On the evening of June 13, we enjoyed the music coming from the new Snug Harbor’s Jazz Concert and later experienced the fireworks raining down on our homes.

My neighbor’s home received the brunt of this with much of it hitting his roof. The Thorn Twp. Fire Department arrived to check the house for damage. I don’t understand why the fireworks were directed our way with all the open land the other direction.

The most disturbing part of all of this was the way it terrorized the waterfowl in the area. We are fortunate to have some of our original “wetlands” left and a quiet cove outside our back door. That afternoon I was thrilled to see two white Swans and their six offspring, as well as, several ducks with young broods and the ever present Canada Geese. As the final BOOMS were going off, the lake lit up and we saw the swans moving their brood as fast as possible away from this intrusion. How sad.

There are two more concerts planned. They are of no benefit to the current residents and will continue to b e a burden on the taxpayers of the Thorn Township because they must supply a firetruck and personnel. Personally, I think the best use for the new Snug Harbor would be to restore the original wetlands and make it a Thorn Township Public Park.

Barbara Floyd Thorn Township

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