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Make decision on the man, not myth


Lakewood High School is in the process of hiring a new football coach. My brother, Dave Daubenmire, is on the list to be recommended by the nominating committee as the candidate for the position.

Recently, an online petition was started, calling for the Lakewood Board of Education to not hire him. At the time of this writing, 3,700 people have signed the petition. The petition was started by a Columbus resident. Of those 3,700 signatures, there are only 80 that could possibly be coming from district residents. The overwhelming majority of them are coming from literally around the country and world, thanks to the broad range of the internet.

This leads me to ask: Who are Lakewood Board of Education members going to listen to concerning this matter? Will it be local residents, many of whom know Dave’s reputation as a man of honor and integrity, or the other 98 percent of the signers who know nothing about him. A video of Dave discussing bullying is attached to the petition. That is certainly a hot topic today and, if you watch it, in no way does Dave state that he believes in bullying. So guess what? Right now the Lakewood School Board is being bullied into listening to the 98 percent who know noting about the true story. How ironic. What happened to local control? What about making decisions based on the man, not the myth? His story is out there; check it out yourself.

I simply ask Lakewood School Board members to stand against the bullying tactics and do the right thing. Approve the candidate that the committee recommends.

Bill Daubenmire

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