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Some Pataskala area readers know me, some personally, and some through articles in the paper. I have always felt that if you had something to say, you were entitled to peacefully and politely express yourself.

In 2011, I was charged with Vexatious Litigation, a jury was denied. During the trial, the court considered letters that I had written about the unethical conduct of attorneys and judges. I defended on freedom of speech. Questioned on why I chose not to hire attorneys, I responded that I do not trust them and I believe many judges and attorneys are corrupt. Judge Richard M. Markus then awarded $120,000 to opposing counsel as a public service. During the period, in a local Pataskala paper, I read two articles where the Licking County Prosecutor incarcerated two people without one shred of evidence.

In December, that same judge filed criminal contempt of court charges against me. He alleges that I continue to embarrass the judicial system, just as he alleges that I did in his finding of Vexatious Litigation, specifically citing that my conduct mirrored my harassment and intimidation of a federal judge.

Faced with six months of incarceration, and a jury denied, I subpoenaed the federal judge who was quick to respond with affidavits that I never harassed him.. In hopes to resolve this issue, I went to the transcript and exposed two Licking County Prosecutors who filed false documents in the Vexatious Litigation action. Licking County Prosecutor Ken Oswalt and the judge simply changed their motives and re-filed new charges.

The trial is on February 21, 2013. Communist countries are honest with their citizens, telling them that they cannot speak out against the government. Our’s sets out to embarrass and then incarcerate under the pretext of good and welfare.

The outcome of the Feb. 21 trial can only have one conclusion and that is that I crossed the picket line of the strongest union in the United States and threatened a $250 an hour pay scale. Now what judge would allow me to interfere with that?

Mandela spent 30 years for his freedom of speech; during my six months stay I hope readers will understand that you are not too far away. To read more about Markus, please go to and search ‘Richard Markus’, go to http://, or search Judge Richard Markus.

I will miss my children as Mendela missed his.

Jim Helfrich

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