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Limit lottery ticket gifts to adults

COLUMBUS – The Problem Gambling Network of Ohio (PGNO) reminds holiday gift givers to keep the fun in the holidays by only gifting lottery tickets to adults.

Studies show that many adolescents gamble at least occasionally and that lottery products, especially scratch tickets, have been an initial introduction to gambling activities for young people. Researchers have reported a link between the age at which a person first gambles and gambling-related problems later in life. Additionally, youth gambling has been linked to other risky behaviors including smoking, drinking and drug use. Additionally,

While we all like a little extra cash, consider the overall example that is being given to the child. People giving out gifts this holiday season need to recognize that lottery tickets are not appropriate gifts for anyone underage. It can not only sow the seeds for future problems with gambling, but receiving lottery tickets from adults also sends a mixed message.

“We encourage responsible gambling for all, and this time of year serves as a good reminder that it is never okay to gift lottery tickets to anyone underage,” said Problem Gambling Network of Ohio Executive Director, Derek Longmeier.

While there is no one gift that is perfect for every child, when selecting gifts for our youth it is important to ensure that the gift is developmentally appropriate for the child. “Legos and other games have suggested ages and lottery tickets are no different. You must be 18 or older to play,” Longmeier added.

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