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Licking Township to spend $210K to resurface roads

JACKSONTOWN – Road resurfacing work is expected to begin Monday, August 8 after Licking Township Trustees unanimously awarded a $209,591.95 contract to The Shelly Company of Thornville. Two sealed bids were opened at a July 25 special meeting.

The roads to be resurfaced are:

• Resurface Ridgely Tract Road, with 1 1/2” asphalt ($112,713.45);

• Resurface Larson, Liberty, and North Avenue with 1 3/4” surface ($18,633.90);

• Resurface Carstairs and Doddridge roads with 1 1/2” surface ($24,301.60);

• Single chip & seal Dorsey Mill Road from Fairmount Road ($24,569.10); and

• Resurface Terry Linn Drive, Vicky Lane, and Hazel Street, with 1 1/2” surface ($29,373.90) .

Kokosing’s comparative total bid was $236,784.05. Trustee President Joe Hart explained Shelly Company would not impose a penalty if the trustees decided not to resurface all the roads appearing in the original bid, which is what they decided to do. Kokosing, on the other hand, would’ve charged the township a $2 per cubic yard penalty for all surface areas that appeared in the original bid, but the trustees decided not to resurface. Hart said the penalty would have been expensive for the township if Kokosing was awarded the bide.

In other township news:

• Hart, during trustees regular Monday night meeting, said this was the final year of the Gathering of the Juggalos at Legend Valley. “They’ve notified the locale that they won’t return next year,” he said.

The news, however, did not come as a surprise to Legend Valley co-owner Steve Trickle. “We had a year-to-year deal knowing all along that they would like to relocate after the third year,” he said. “It was a pleasure having them and it came to be the show I looked forward to each year. I wish them luck and I plan to do some alternative rock shows next June and July to fill the void. As always, I’d like to thank the entire township for their continued support, especially the Licking Township Fire Department and Licking County Sheriff’s Office.”

Psychopathic Records sponsors the annual festival that features performances by the label’s entire roster of acts as well as other musical groups and underground artists. Robert Bruce, the Insane Clown Posse (Joseph Bruce and Joseph Utsler), and their label founded the event in 2000. A “Juggalo” is a nickname for Insane Clown Posse fans. The 17th Annual Gathering was July 20-23 but fans began arriving over the previous weekend. Roughly 6,000 attended.

Licking Township Fire Company Chief Mike Wilson said his department made 10 runs to the concert area. He said only two or three of the runs were inside the venue, and the rest were outside of the venue, but related, such as traffic accidents.

According to, there were six arrests total, and four of the six arrested concertgoers were charged with various offenses such as Jessica Reyes, 20, and her boyfriend, Malik Ahmad, 38, who were arrested for selling cocaine.

Police witnessed Ahmad make a sale and Reyes was found to be in possession of drugs following an attempt to flee from authorities.

Concertgoer Kimmy V. Gable, 31, also faces drug charges after holding up a sign advertising he was selling drugs, such as ketamine, marijuana, and cocaine. Gable was also witnessed making a sale.

Jordan Black, 29, was arrested for selling nitrous oxide filled balloons.

The 18th Annual Gathering of the Juggalos will be in Denver.

• Trustee Dave Miller said he stopped to inspect a bridge being repaired on Licking Trails Road. “They’re digging down deep in the footers to put in the culvert and they’ve hit water,” he said. “They don’t know what to do and they’re looking for a larger pump to pump it out.”

Hart said he stopped by later and saw a larger pump. “They brought a big diesel in,” he said.

• Wilson said his department had a busy July with 105 runs – 85 EMS runs, 19 fire runs, and one dive rescue. So far this year, the company made 637 runs.

• Trustees unanimously approved hiring Daniel Rife as a volunteer member of the fire company. His brother, David Rife, also serves with the fire company.

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