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Licking Township residents have a big opportunity


As a concerned resident of Licking Township, I am writing this letter to the editor, in an effort to inform township residents of a very important issue facing our township. An issue, which could have a significant impact on our environment, our family’s safety, our financial position as taxpayers, and to each of us a homeowner. This issue is the potential of Licking Township having a “single source” trash collection in each of our neighborhoods.

In last week’s Beacon, there appeared a Public Notice announcing a zoning hearing scheduled for July 5th, at 6:30 p.m., to hear the details of a zoning change request. Buried at the end of this notice is mention that the trustees are giving the residents the ‘opportunity to comment’ on the “single source” trash collection. You may be asking yourself, “A single source trash collection in Licking Township? I had no idea”. Well, consider yourself in the majority as there has been very little information made available by our township trustees regarding this very important topic. Not to mention, some of us may just be reading about it for the first time in a Public Notice inviting us to attend a zoning change request! Seriously?

Many of our neighboring townships have already taken action on this topic and are reaping the benefits of a very workable and financially prudent system, which has been in effect for over a year. One residential community, within our very own township, has even taken the initiative to negotiate their own program.

Despite the persistent requests from some concerned Licking Township residents in the past several months, there has been very limited discussion from our elected officials regarding this issue. There has been no mention made of this topic on the Licking Township website and the

Victoria Wolfe
Soon-to-be just BLASST chair

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