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Licking Township expands paid EMS coverage

JACKSONTOWN – Licking Township Fire Company now has a part-time paid paramedic or EMT on station from 4 – 10 p.m. Monday through Friday.

Fire Chief Mike Wilson proposed the additional paid hours in May and trustees agreed last month. The additional paid shift started July 1.

Wilson is the company’s only full-time employee. He and a paid part-time EMT/firefighter are on duty from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on weekdays. Two EMT/firefighters are on duty from 10 p.m. to 6 a.m. Sunday through Thursday nights. Franklin Township pays the cost for two EMT/firefighters from 8 a.m. to 4 p.m. on Saturdays and Sundays. Though they are stationed at the Franklin Township substation, the crew runs into Licking Township as needed.

Wilson told trustees in May that the company has averaged 310 runs a year in that 4 p.m. to 10 p.m. time period. “That’s where I need help,” he said. Wilson said he’s not a fan of one-person duty shifts, but believes that one person can improve patient care. “He can establish initial care,” Wilson said. One EMT can’t transport, but care can start while waiting for a volunteer to arrive.

The approximate $20,000 additional cost per year can currently be handled out of the department’s budget without a need for additional taxes. Wilson hoped to be able to fill the new position from the company’s membership ranks and so far has been able to do so.

In other business at Monday night’s trustee meeting, Wilson reported the company made 73 runs in June – 63 EMS and 10 Fire. Year-to-date runs now total 474. The company had 75 runs in May – 63 EMS and 12 Fire. Wilson also told trustees that he planned to have additional on-station staff on Thursday, July 18 and Sunday, July 21. Those are the high traffic times for the All Good Music Festival at Legend Valley. The concert provides its own EMS services, but Wilson doesn’t want to risk getting volunteers stuck in traffic, trying to reach the station.

Trustee President Joe Hart opened the meeting with a moment of silent prayer for ailing Trustee Ron Acord. He’s been in the hospital and has missed the last three trustee meetings.

Trustee Dave Miller presented the township’s annual road resurfacing plan. Hart suggested adding a statement to the bid instructions, requiring bidders to specify the financial impact if trustees decide to drop some projects from the package. Miller agreed. Both trustees also approved a resolution absolving the Road & Bridge Fund from having to pay back last year’s $229,012.08 advance from the General Fund.

Sealed bids are due August 2 and will be opened at the August 5 trustees’ meeting. The project list includes zoned paving, where only specific areas needing repairs will be addressed, and complete resurfacing. The complete resurfacing projects are Jeffery, Del Mar, Roberts, Rodney and Steven in the Lee-Mar Heights subdivision. Each road, except Roberts, will receive an 1.5 inch overlay of 448 T-1 Asphalt Concrete. Roberts will get a two-inch overlay.

The zoned paving projects are:

• Licking Trails – Two-inch overlay south of U.S. 40 to I-70 patch;

• Licking Trails – 1.75 inch overlay north of Davis to White Chapel;

• Licking Trails – 1.75 inch overlay north of White Chapel;

• White Chapel – 1.5 inch overlay east of Ohio 13 to Fairmont;

• Roley Hills – 1.75 inch overlay from township line to Honda Hills;

• Roley Hills – 1.75 inch overlay north of Lathams to township line.

Companies interested in bidding should contact Miller at 740- 404-4720.

Hart also reported that trustees have decided to request a hearing in Newark on an application for a new D-5 liquor permit for Pirate Joes LLC at 52 Brookdale Lane. Joseph Fitch is the president of the corporation that initially plans to lease the former Avondale Marina property from Charles E. Krumm Jr. Hart said Brookdale Lane was vacated by Licking County Commissioners on Jan. 23, 1989. He believes there is no commercial property available there for a new liquor permit. Hart also believes that a case could be made for “oversaturation of liquor permits there.” Papa Boo’s is next door. “We may have a shot at stopping an additional license,” Hart said.

He also plans to discuss with the county prosecutor’s office whether a complaint about a decision by the township zoning inspector could be reviewed by the township’s Board of Zoning Appeals. Harbor View resident Harold Mohr believes the inspector erred when he said no one is living in a parked travel trailer on Columbus Avenue. A health department inspector reached the same conclusion.

Legend Valley neighbor Larry Gerlach asked trustees to consider putting some limits on how long music can be played at the outdoor venue. He said music went on to 2:45 – 3:00 a.m. during the Dark Star Jubilee over Memorial Day weekend. Gerlach said he raised the issue with his neighbor and friend, Steve Trickle who owns Legend Valley with his wife. Gerlach said Trickle told him there are no limits on the hours for music in the township or county.

“My problem is sleeping at night,” Gerlach told trustees. He said a hotel room had been mentioned, but he is isn’t willing to leave his property with thousands of strangers just across the road. Gerlach knows it is too late to do anything about this year’s All Good concert set for July 18-21, but wanted to get his concerns on the record. Hart isn’t sure whether trustees have the authority to limit music, but promised to look into it.

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