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Licking County traffic fatalities increase 50% in 2017

NEWARK – The Licking County Health Department’s (LCHD) Safe Communities Coalition reports eight traffic fatalities during the fourth quarter of 2017, October 1 to December 31, in Licking County.

Of the eight fatalities, three were young drivers and two were not wearing a seat belt. At least three of the fatalities involved alcohol and/or drugged driving. During this same time frame in 2016 there were six reported fatal crashes.

In 2017, Licking County saw a total of 30 fatalities from 29 reported crashes. 2017 had 10 more traffic fatalities than in 2016, when 20 total fatalities from 19 crashes were reported.

The Safe Communities Coalition wants to remind divers to focus on driving, be alert and make good choices when behind the wheel. The vast majority of crashes are a result of driver error like speeding, being distracted, failure to yield and losing control. Drivers are not paying attention, and even simple mistakes can often have deadly results that could have been prevented.

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