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Licking County may have two medical marijuana dispensaries

COLUMBUS – The State of Ohio Board of Pharmacy finished accepting applications for Medical Marijuana Dispensary licenses on Friday, November 17. The Board received 370 Dispensary applications. From these, the Board of Pharmacy is authorized to award up to 60 provisional licenses.

The licenses are awarded by district. Licking County is part of SE District 4 which also includes Delaware, Knox and Morrow counties. Three dispensary licenses will be awarded for this district. No applications were filed for Know and Morrow counties and just one application was filed for Delaware County. Five applications were filed for Licking County with at least two licenses expected to be awarded. Licking County applicants are:

• Corsa Verde. LLC dba Botanica (Bryan Hill);

• Green Health Dispensaires LLC (Sandra Fekete);

• Ohio Grown Therapies, LLC (Andy Joseph);

• Verdant Creations, LLC, Purlife (John Hondros); and

• WGB, LLC (Steven Weisman).

Fairfield and Perry counties are joined with Hocking County in SE District 5, which is allocated two dispensary licenses. There are no Perry County applications. The three Fairfield County applications are:

• BCCO, LLC, Bridge City Collective Ohio (Robert Landis);

• Elevate 1803 LLC (Seth Stockmeister); and

• Sona Health Ohio Services, LLC (James Gillece).

Two applications were filed for Hocking County.

The Ohio Department of Commerce’s Ohio Medical Marijuana Control Program announced the recipients of the Level I Cultivator Provisional Licenses on November 30. Twelve licenses were issued state-wide. The closest lake area licensee is Grow Ohio Pharmaceuticals LLC in Newton Township, Muskingum County which received the second highest score.

The Level II Cultivator Provisional Licenses were announced earlier. The 12 licenses included two central licenses: Fire Rock Ltd. in Columbus and Ohio Clean Leaf LLC in Carroll (Fairfield County).

Level I cultivators are permitted to operate an initial marijuana cultivation area up to 25,000 square feet. Level II cultivators are permitted to operate an initial marijuana cultivation area of 3,000 square feet. Licensees may submit an expansion request pursuant to the cultivator rules.

There are unconfirmed reports that a cultivator license application was filed for an operation within the Village of Buckeye Lake.

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