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Liberty Township voter says message for change forgotten


Liberty Township Trustees had the opportunity to continue with their change of the zoning commission, which is a reason the 2005 election that replaced two former trustees. Change did not occur. Two of the trustees (Ivan Ety and Tim Linkhorn) did not remember the message that was sent by voters – Liberty Township wants change, because it does not wish to become sprawling/overcrowded like some of our neighboring townships. Trustees have seen the voting results on township zoning issues, removal of two former trustees who did not change, and a Liberty Township land use plan survey that showed residents are not satisfied with poor zoning.

That is why I was disappointed with Trustee Linkhorn’s decision. During meet the candidates night 2005, according to the Beacon (pg 10, Saturday, October 29, 2005) Linkhorn said, The majority of the people should rule. We can’t just do what we want to do. You’re in charge.’

I still have hope that Trustee Linkhorn will remember why the residents of this township elected him and promote change in the future, as he has on other decisions. I have not seen anything that makes me believe Trustee Ety will ever get the message. One trustee has heard the message and stuck with her campaign promise, Time for a change. Trustee Montell offered up David Stone, chairman of the Liberty Township Land Use Plan, as a replacement on the zoning commission.

Why is this position so important? Because members of the Zoning Commission write the guidelines (Zoning Resolution) the township will follow in future zoning decisions. The Zoning Resolution still allows poor zoning and contains many errors. Some of the errors are spelling errors, while others include missing subsections and incorrect references. These errors endanger the strength of township zoning and show the problem with the current Zoning Commission. But worst of all it shows the lack of care by the township, which contributes to poor zoning decisions (Roshon PUD, Nicodemus PUD, etc). This is why the Trustees’ (Ety and Linkhorn) decision was unbelievable. Haven’t they received the message?

Scott Wray Liberty Township

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