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Levy opponent sees same fate in November


Last November, voters defeated the Lakewood levy by 1173 votes. Voter turnout was nearly 5000. The last two levy attempts failed by much smaller margins, most likely due to low voter turnout. Those are the factual statistics.

Now summer is nearly over and folks are home from vacation and getting back into the grind of daily life. Many voters are now looking forward to the November midterm elections. I predict a record number of voters will be sending extreme liberals a message. Voters have had all summer to catch up on current events and many now understand what “Hope and Change” means to liberals.

I doubt that many levy opponents will have a change of heart. If anything, a good number of moderates have likely joined forces with conservatives and feel the same outrage towards corrupt unions. Many school districts are down sizing in Ohio and around the country as are businesses. Last week, the President and Congress found 10 billion dollars laying around and gave it to teacher unions. Keep in mind that this is not OBAMA money. This is taxpayer money supposedly going to save teacher jobs through out the country. So now taxpayers are supporting all school districts in the U.S. as well as paying for their local school levies. This is what Lakewood would also like.

If we were to break down the 10 billion dollars evenly, each state would get $200,000,000. If we divided that up evenly to all districts in Ohio, each district would receive $325,732.00. In the real world though, we know it won’t be distributed evenly or fairly. Most likely some of it will go back to Obama as campaign donations for future elections. An alternative to this would be for our school districts to lobby their union for funding out of this taxpayer giveaway. That way they won’t have to lobby us. Well, in the real world at least.

In the August 7th edition of the Beacon,
Cheri Charlton again twists the message to the good citizens of our community. The upside of her diatribe is that we get to hear from the extreme liberals and what they think of you. Although Cheri’s thoughts are important, she is ultimately insignificant. Cheri presents no facts to support her views. She does represent the extreme liberal propaganda views and feels voters are not as smart and educated as she and others like her are. They keep making this mistake time and again. Talking to the public as if we are all “SLOW”, does not work well. Recently, a local principal retired and then was rehired to the same position. Taxpayers call that double dipping. My background is in law enforcement. I would call it something stronger like fraud or theft. Does “BELL” California sound familiar?

I guess all those very experienced teachers Cheri writes about can’t qualify for a principal’s position. Prior to August’s levy vote, I asked if anyone knew of a teachers union taxpayer supported rubber room. Not a peep. So I will ask these questions. If Lakewood provides classes for a technical field specialty like C-TECH, does the student graduate with a certification in that profession? If not, does the student still have to attend a technical school to get that certification? If they do, then why are we paying for the same education twice?
David Kenmir


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