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Letter to Editor: Writer objects to after the damage solicitation


I was stunned by the email I got May 11, from the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation. First of all, in my opinion, the two people making the request for funds disturb me greatly. Secondly, the fact that 2030 is the group that is asking is incredibly insulting.

While I think the objective is worth doing, neither the group nor the folks making this request will never ever get a dime from me. Also, I will go out of my way to get others to feel as I do.

Now, if the collection of funds was completely independent of 2030 and if it was headed by people, who have earned my respect over time, I would give generously. However, until that happens please don’t ask me for a dime.

Please try to remember I spent years and an enormous amount of money to stop ODNR in the first place. No one wanted to give me money or even their personal support. If they had, you wouldn’t have to be coming at people with your hand full of want and a mouth full of give me, after all the damage has been done. You have to be kidding me!

Best of luck!

Victoria Wolfe West Bank

Editor’s Note: The email/ letter referenced appears to the right.

Dear Homeowner:

In January, several homeowners in the Buckeye Lake Region, like yourself, received a “Notice of Encroachment” from the Ohio Department of Natural Resources (ODNR) Division of Parks and Watercraft. At that time, ODNR presented homeowners with two options to resolve the encroachment issue: remove the property within 12 months or sign a non-renewable 5 year license agreement (for a fee of $1,000), after which time the property must be removed at the homeowner’s expense.

As community leaders and leaders of the Buckeye Lake Region Corporation – as well as homeowners and business owners in the Region – we believe actions outlined in the Notice will negatively impact the timeline for dam and sidewalk construction, delay progress toward a viable lake season and, most importantly, place an additional burden on residents; especially those on the dam such as you.

With that in mind, on February 15th we personally engaged with Connie J. Klema, Attorney at Law, to identify a better solution for property owners impacted by the Notice of Encroachment. This includes working with State of Ohio attorneys to secure permission for property owners to lease four feet of ground, or more, from their property line, for 15 years or in some cases longer; that term is renewable and transferable. This agreement would also mean that property owners DO NOT need to remove any structures or decks. Connie is also pursuing survey information to ensure that the State of Ohio has accurately determined property lines.

To-date, we have personally contributed $1,000 each to Connie’s legal fees and we will continue to support this work on behalf of all property owners until an agreement is reached and signed with the State of Ohio. Now we are asking for your help to defer the costs of the legal fees and make sure this critical work is completed. It will be extremely difficult to move forward without the monetary support of property owners.

We are asking that you please contribute to the Buckeye Lake Region Community Foundation ( to be directed toward the LEGAL FUND, as soon as possible so that this important work can continue. You may also mail a check to the Foundation at P.O. Box 2030, Buckeye Lake, Ohio 43008, please include LEGAL FUND in the memo line. Whatever you can afford and contribute will make an impact and any monetary contribution you make is tax deductible.

Like you, we have a deep connection and affection for the Buckeye Lake Region and we are eager to see construction of the new dam completed as quickly as possible so that everyone can return to a sense of normalcy.

If you have questions about our work, you can contact Tim at 740-504-9003 or Karen at 614-496- 7297. Please forward this letter to your friends and neighbors as we do not have all their email addresses – the more people who are engaged, the quicker we can make this happen! Ongoing legal support for the dam homeowners is crucial to all.

Thank you for your support.


Tim Ryan

President, Buckeye Lake Region Chamber of Commerce; Board Member, Buckeye Lake Region Corporation

Karen Cookston

Vice Chair Buckeye Lake Region Community Foundation; Board Member, Buckeye Lake Region Corporation

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