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‘Let’s stop whining’


I have been reading The Beacon for about three years and certainly enjoy the Letters to the Editor. Other than the ‘thank you’ notes, it seems there are three constant themes:

1. “I don’t have any professional expertise on this topic but…”

2. “Our elected officials aren’t doing enough…”

3. “We should do everything cheaper.”

Wow! Do we really want to live in a community where our claim to fame is that we listen to people with no professional expertise, who complain a lot but don’t actually do anything to make it better? Do we really want to be known as the cheapest people in the state? Is this what we want to be known for?

As an example, we now have a spectacular new water system. It is not shocking that we need a full time employee to keep it at its current high level. Do we really want to brag to the world that “We pay the guy in charge of our water quality less than anyone else anywhere!” Yikes! This reminds me of “Discount Bungee Jumping!” What kind of people are we trying to attract to this job…to this community?

Let’s stop whining, start supporting the people who support us, and if we disagree we can get off our butts and DO something to make things better. Let’s act like we deserve the same respect (or more) as other communities in this area.

Jess Sayin
Buckeye Lake

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