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Let us opt-out of public school funding


This is directed to Lakewood taxpayers.

According to School Board President Judy White and Superintendent Jay Gault, no amount of money can be put on the safety of our children when it comes to busing. Unless of course you are trying to force a levy to pass. They cut busing last year to save money or blackmail taxpayers.

Well, they got the money from the levy. Many of us have just made the first installment. Now, instead of looking forward and putting the bus routes back as they were if needed, they wait for a complaint. What do you want to bet they will ask for more money soon – in the name of safety of course.

And how about that reading score for our children. I thought that if we gave the school district more money, our children would be smarter. Remember that statement?

First Class public education? If I had children of school age, they would go to a private school.

I think the G.O.P. should introduce legislation allowing parents to opt -out of public school funding and invest in private schooling. They would save 50 to 80% cost and give their children a better education.

The next thing you know our children will be going on a field trip to help protest the up and coming pension cuts by the State of Ohio. No wonder the State lost confidence in the public education sector and slashed funding. Hey! Students first! I guess the $10 million levy and the $400 plus million Obama money just won’t do the job.

You get what you pay for.

Dave Kenmir

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