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LEADS doesn’t get tax credits for Buckeye Lake

BUCKEYE LAKE – A proposed LEADS project to create 25 to 30 single-family lowincome housing units in Buckeye Lake Village was not awarded the necessary tax credits and will not move forward this year.

“We have received the final results from OHFA (Ohio Housing Finance Agency) on which projects were funded throughout the State of Ohio,” said LEADS CEO Kenneth Kempton Wednesday. “Unfortunately both the Buckeye Lake Project and the Hebron Heights Project in Hebron were not on that list. We will receive additional information on why those applications did not score high enough to be funded at a later date.”

The Hebron Heights project was to renovate existing units. Kempton said LEADS received the tax credits needed to rehab both the Lakeland Townhomes in Millersport and the Cardington Place Apartments in Cardington. The tax credit award for Lakeland was $186,476.

“This is the first time that LEADS has had two Tax Credit Applications funded in the same year,” Kempton said. “We are very disappointed that the Buckeye Lake single family homes project and the rehab of the Hebron Heights Apartments were not funded this year but we will continue to study the feasibility of re-submitting those applications.”

Kempton said the only opportunity to re-submit will be next year at this time, however, his office would begin work immediately to prepare for resubmitting the application.

Buckeye Lake Village Council President Jeryne Peterson wasn’t as disappointed.

“I do not feel that there are any ramifications to the Village of Buckeye Lake,” she said. “This is, in my opinion for our community, not a disaster by any means. I do feel that we should look into attracting business to our area and grow our community by providing services and jobs.”

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