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Latest Mayor’s Court tape seems a little short


A public records request for audio recordings of a recent Buckeye Lake Mayor’s Court session came up a little short. The recording was only about 20 minutes long and did not appear to contain the full court session. Hopefully that was just a mistake and will be corrected next week.

On that short recording was an interesting comment. Magistrate Berryhill was telling a defendant to call the BMV to find out what they need from him (the defendant). Berryhill tells him, “They’re not supposed to screw with you. What you’ll probably wind up with is some dumb son of a b—h that doesn’t know…or some dumb b—h… depending on whatever… we still have the sex changes so you never know who you’re working with.”

Another interesting court case was heard in the Licking County Municipal Court on May 26th. This was a jury trial where a Buckeye Lake husband and wife were accused of Abandoning an Animal and Cruelty to Animals.

This case stemmed from a sick puppy found in a plastic bag behind the Dollar General store at Buckeye Lake last September. The puppy was still alive but was in critical condition when the Buckeye Lake Street Department employee found it.

A jury found this Buckeye Lake couple not guilty of Animal Cruelty but they were found GUILTY of Abandoning an Animal. (Apparently some witnesses didn’t show up which caused the jury to not have enough evidence to convict on Animal Cruelty charges.)

Just before sentencing the couple the judge (Stansbury) had this to say to them: “Quite frankly, I can think of nothing more DESPICABLE than leaving a helpless animal to die alone and cold and in a plastic bag in a vacant lot. It’s ridiculous. It’s disgusting and its sickening! The fact that we had to sit here through this… the fact that you couldn’t take responsibility for your actions is what also appalls the court. People make bad decisions. People can also take responsibility for those bad decisions and I don’t see any of that happening here with either one of you! You dumped a living thing to die alone and in pain and it’s DESPICABLE!”

The judge fined them and then sentenced the husband and wife to SIXTY DAYS IN JAIL each! So…..if you’re thinking about dumping an animal in Licking County…you better think twice! Not only is it illegal and immoral to abandon an animal…it will undoubtedly cause you to be dumped at the county jail!!

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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