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Lakewood student is ‘unsung hero’


Often there are “unsung heroes” among us who go about their daily lives unnoticed. One of these, a brave and devoted young man of 15, stood by his grandfather on a daily basis caring for him in his final days, steadfast until his final hour.

Austin Davis, son of Buckeye Lake Police officer Andy Davis, and Larayna Staggers was the only one with his grandfather, Verlee Davis, when he passed away quickly after a long illness, Austin’s grandmother had gone to work never knowing it would be the last moments in the life of her husband, who though being ill had tried to keep doing all the things he had done. When she left, there was no cause for concern but as the day wore on Austin checked on him as he was resting and his grandpa told him to go into the other room. Austin returned shortly to find him unresponsive and his reaction was to shake him and yell out to him. Amidst the emotions, he did what he had been prepared to do, he called Hospice, his aunt who lived up the street and his grandma, Pam at work.

During this traumatic event, Austin has bravely supported his grandma and brother, Aidan, who is 10.

Austin’ aspires to emulate his father career wise, as he is planning to attend vocational school to begin police training and hopefully Central Ohio Technical College after. He attends Lakewood now.

Would you help me commend this young man, who at age 15, is a future good citizen and leader in our community?

I am so proud to say, “He is my grandson.”

Alayna Staggers

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