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Lakewood starting pilot breakfast program

HEBRON – Starting Monday, Lakewood Middle School studens will be able to catch a free breakfast at school.

A f r e e br e akf a s t wi l l be available to every student who arrives at school on time. Breakfast will be delivered to each homeroom and the students will be able to eat in the classroom from 7:15 a.m.. to 7:35 a.m.

Studies show that students who eat breakfast are better able to concentrate on learning and have fewer behavior problems. Breakfast prepares students with fuel for a day of learning and has been shown to reduce tardiness, absenteeism and visits to the school nurse.

Students will be served a different breakfast combination every day, which may include cereal, muffins, pop tarts, breakfast bars, 100% fruit juice and milk. The nutritional value of each breakfast will comply with all USDA standards for Middle School students as well as meeting the standards for Lakewood’s district-wide Wellness Policy.

If the middle school trial is successful, all Lakewood students will be offered a free breakfast next school year. More information is available from food service superivor Mary Jennie at 928-8886.

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