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Lakewood solar deal questioned


It seems the expert on your property values, Lakewood Treasurer Glenna Plaisted, feels we can all afford to pay another 5.24 mill levy.

I have been down that road before. They say your property value goes up. You pay more taxes they really don’t need. You try to sell your property one day just to find out it will only sell for three-fourths of what you have been paying taxes on. You move with an extra five digit note over your head.

Now they want to get into the solar powered green energy program. Hey, it’s free. What the heck. Why not. And they can make so much electricity that they will be able to sell it back to the power company for a profit. Sounds like the SOLYNDRA deal we already paid for. If that were such a great deal, we would all have solar power. Check out how well the California Solar Power program worked out. The sun shines forever in the Mohave.

David L. Kenmir
Licking Township

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