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Lakewood needs financial support from voters


Lakewood has two issues on November 6. Although the real responsibility to fixschool funding lies with our State Legislators, we’re again forced to pay more to keep the district running. Lakewood has made great progress academically and we must decide whether to continue this positive progression by supporting it financially.

The first issue is the renewal of an existing levy. When it was approved in 2003, our District promised to “make it last” for the fiveyears requested, and they have. Operating costs have been cut over $700,000 in the last two years. While our costs, like fuel, increase each year, our staff has done a good job, delivering improved product with less money. Thanks to the new Homestead exemption, many of our residents will pay less for this renewal than they have been paying. The rest of us will pay the same as before.

The second issue is a one percent income tax on earned income. Income from pensions, Social Security, interest, and capital gains will NOT be taxed. This relieves some of the tax burden from those who are retired or disabled. Anyone not “earning” an income, will be exempt. Senior citizens have everything to gain by approving this tax since everyone benefits from increased property values that result from a strong school system.

We’ve made great progress academically since the last levy, including meeting four more indicators last year. Schools are no different from any other business – when revenue drops, so must expenses. If this happens, we all lose. Quality education… it isn’t just for kids, it’s for our community.

Please vote yes on both Lakewood issues.

Bill & Brenda Daubenmire Hebron

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