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Lakewood levy supporter ‘hanging my head in shame and disbelief’


Bravo Lakewood voters! Bravo! Seriously??? Lakewood’s levy was defeated??? I cannot believe there are people who don’t vote for our children’s future.

If you didn’t vote for the levy, DON’T complain if the kids from this district have a harder time getting into college because they are unable to compete with kids from other districts who are able to take a foreign language, advanced classes and participate in extracurricular activities. DON’T complain if the teen pregnancy rate goes up in our district since the majority of teen pregnancies occur between 3 p.m. and 5 p.m…. any idea when most extracurricular activities take place??? During the same time! Any idea how many BILLIONS of dollars are spent on teen pregnancy each year??? DON’T complain when our kids can’t get college scholarships! They need to be able to compete for them and to compete they need the knowledge and opportunity to excel in education and sports. DON’T complain when the kid next door can’t find the USA on a map. Without a good education, they won’t be able to compete in a global environment anyway!

Here are some statistics for those of you who think extracurricular activities aren’t important:

Listed is the percentage of public school seniors reporting selected indicators of school success broken down by whether they participate or don’t participate iin extracurricular activities.

Indicator % Participate/Don’t
No unexcused absences 50.4/36.2
Never skipped classes 50.7/42.3
GPA 3.0 or above 30.6/10.8

Highest quartile on composite math &
reading assessment 29.8/14.2
Expect to earn a bachelor’s degree or
higher 68.2/48.2
SOURCE: Data is from the U.S. Department of Education, National Center for Education Statistics, National Education Longitudinal Study, Second Follow-up, 1992

I’m aware that the majority of the money from the levy will go toward salaries. Who cares???? Lakewood has an ‘excellent’ rating from the state. Our teachers deserve to be paid their salary. They are a wonderful group of caring, dedicated professionals and we should count ourselves lucky to have them helping to shape the minds of our children.

Are there really people who are ‘for’ ANY child walking down Route 40 in the early morning darkness to go to school? That is what is going to happen to kids from elementary school to high school because there will be NO busing within a 2 mile radius of the schools. Think about where the high school, middle school, intermediate school and Jackson Elementary are. Now think about a kindergarten student walking along Route 40 at 7 a.m. in the darkness and snow to go to school. There are NO sidewalks or lights for miles in that area. Not everyone will be able to take their kids to school. Sounds like a recipe for a horrible accident or a pedophile’s dream.

And if you’re thinking about your checking account instead of the future of OUR children, ask the people of Grove City about their property values and ability to sell their homes when their levy failed. When we moved here (and yes, we bought our home) from the Newark City School District, one of the major deciding factors was this school district. The citizen’s of Grove City have since smarten up and passed their levy. I can only pray Lakewood Local School District voters do the same.

Hanging my head in shame and disbelief,
Ronda Stephens


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