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Lakewood levy defeat will hurt our community, future


Every generation strives for “things” to be better for their children. Growing up, I remember fondly stories about, “When I was your age…” Of course, they usually involved walking up hill both ways for a mile in the snow! Now, I’m afraid we are coming to the end of a time when jobs were plentiful and the next generation prospered more than the one before. But the unfortunate detail is that the decline in potential isn’t happening for everyone. The unfortunate decline of opportunities is only happening to the children of Lakewood Local Schools.

I remember my father always lecturing me about the importance of an education. He would instruct me at least weekly about the significance of a good education and my future success in the world. It was my job to work diligently and get good grades, challenge myself and go to college. Even though I poked fun at his relentless reminders, I am truly thankful for his persistence. For without my education, I would not be who and where I am today!

I have echoed my father’s guidance and up until now, my children have also flourished. Lakewood Local schools have been an excellent environment for learning – skilled teachers, small class sizes with favorable teacher/student ratios and a well rounded curriculum for both advanced learning and special needs. But let’s face it, Lakewood Local schools is not a business with increasing revenue to support its growth. It is dependent on the support of the community as well as the state government. Well the community has once again shown that education is not a priority. That Education must be a privilege and not a right. Well I am deeply saddened for the future of our community.

The school system can only cut costs by eliminating teachers and programs. Really, there isn’t anything else! Teachers have to live too. They will find other jobs in other communities and when we finally realize the mistake we made, our exemplary teachers with years of experience will be gone.

And as the children and communities in our neighboring communities prosper and develop, we will be constantly reminded of the choice we made. And moreover, to rebuild will always cost more than to maintain. Good things do not always come to those who wait…just missed opportunities.
Cheri Carlton


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