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Lakewood levy critic responds


The question has come up as to where I get my facts regarding the Lakewood school district levy issues. It should be noted that this is not just about our local school district. This is a national issue involving all of us as taxpayers. The decisions that have to be made will affect all of us including our children.

Like most folks, I started out following the local public issues and compared them with past experiences. As we get more involved, as we should with our communities, we expand to national issues that affect us all. Because we are having these public forums through the Beacon, the public can become more informed and make their own choices.

My facts are based on what has been published in the past by the Lakewood school district representatives and citizens. The information given in each letter is read by the citizens whom will then form their own ideas.

I merely question some of the facts that are given when they contradict earlier letters by the same representatives or citizens that support their cause. This would also include letters from citizens like myself. I also look up statistics online. I also follow state and national news events related to public school funding. I do not always quote these sources due to space limitations.

An example is Mary McCleary’s op-ed in the Columbus Dispatch. It was a very nicely researched article for the public as to where our money goes for school districts here in Ohio. Check her out at : mmccleary@buckeyeinstitute. org.

Being up on your current events is important. The retired principal double dipping information came out of the Newark Advocate two weeks ago.

What Cheri Carlton needs to understand is that if I HAD to sell her on why she needed to pay me more money for LESS service, I would be willing to tell her anything. It is so sad for me to look back through my life experiences and remember all the naive Cheri Carltons out there that have become victims of con artists and manipulators.

I respect Cheri for at least addressing issues I bring to light. I don’t question Cheri’s information source, but don’t always agree with her. Read her words carefully. She says YES, students do QUALIFY to obtain certification for training in a trade. But NO, they don’t certify because they have to continue training with a trade school like C-Tec at their own expense. So YES, if your child goes to a trade school after graduation, you pay twice. It is not free people. The school representatives need more money for just these sort of classes.

In response to Cheri’s inquiry with the Ohio Dept. of Education and “Fiscal Emergency.”

Thank you very much for that information. That is exactly what I and voters have been saying all along. If the school district can not manage the budget cuts needed to operate within reason, then bring in the State to do it.

Money well spent I say. Bring the union and the schools back to reality.
David Kenmir


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