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Lakewood HS begins drug testing students

Lakewood High School has started drug testing students this school year in an attempt to ensure the safety and well-being of students.

“There was a concern within the school and the community of Hebron that we had drugs infiltrated in our schools,” said Scott Harris, athletic director at LHS. “In order to best help our students be clean this was the avenue we chose.”

According to the Drug Testing Policy approved by the Lakewood School Board, the drug policy “applies to all students grades 7-12 participating on a sanctioned athletic team as defined by the State Athletic Association, an extracurricular activity as defined by the Board, or a student required to have a parking pass.”
Based on the requirements, currently nearly 90 percent of students at LHS are in the testing pool, said Jason Lee, assistant principal.

“On average there are around 50 students tested a month,” Harris said. “Twenty students get tested each time from LHS, and five students are tested from Lakewood Middle School. There will be around 400-500 tested at LHS, and around 100 at LMS.”

Names of the students to be tested are selected at random, Harris said. Harris and LHS Principal Kevin Krier are notified by the testing company the date of testing and students who were selected. The day of testing, students are escorted to the testing location, given water, then provide a urine sample.
 In the Drug Testing Policy it states that a student will be given the option of a denial of participation in athletics or the student has to make an appointment with a counselor. If a student fails the drug test, he or she will know in one or two business days, Harris said. Students who pass find out within a week.

Lee said the drug testing is good for Lakewood. “It gives students an opportunity to say no when they are put in a negative situation. It makes the culture of Lakewood much more accountable.”



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