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Lakewood High School principal moving to new post

HEBRON – Lakewood High School will have a new principal when students start the new school year next month.

School board members split at their July 13 meeting over Scott Coffey’s move from high school principal to Dean of Students at Hebron Elementary School. The move was approved by a 3-2 vote with board members Bill Gulick and Steve Thorp dissenting. A five-year contract was approved for Coffey at his new post.

“I want valued employees to be where they want to be,” said Superintendent Mary Kay Andrews. She said the dean of students position is new but not an additional position, will put Coffey back in front of a classroom, which is something he strongly desires after two years as high school principal. Earlier, Coffey had held positions as assistant principal at the high school, and Hebron and Jackson elementary schools. serving as LHS principal for two

“He’s excited,” Andrews said. “The students and parents will love him.”

Andrews said Coffey would volunteer as assistant band director. “I know this will be a smooth transition,” she said.

Andrews said interviews are underway to select a new high school principal.

In other district news:

• The district created a code of excellence for employees. According to a press release, “The Lakewood Local Schools District proudly announces board adoption of the district’s Employee Code of Excellence, or ECOE. The ECOE is a framework that clearly defines expected behaviors for all employees, providing direction, clarity and accountability. All employees will receive a copy of the ECOE at the time they are hired and at the beginning of each school year.

“Working under the direction of the board, (Andrews) collaborated with school employees, parents, and community members to design and develop the Employee Code of Excellence.

“’This collaboration is a visible sign that Lakewood Local Schools acknowledges and accepts the trust our community has placed with the district,’ said Michelle Tichenor, a parent and member of the team that developed the ECOE.

“Andrews said, ‘We believe that our employees have a daily responsibility to uphold and model expected behaviors– respect, equality, integrity, acceptance, and honesty,’”

Board President Judy White said, ‘We accept the responsibility to our community and students. The ECOE reflects our commitment to excellence.’”

Basically, Andrews said the ECOE is a distillation of hundreds of pages of board policy into a single, brief document. She recommended the board create the ECOE. “The code of ethics is more of a communication to the community saying, ‘This is what you can expect from employees,’” Andrews said. She said it also works in the opposite direction, helping employees understand what’s expected of them without sifting through very lengthy board policies.

“I think it’s important for the community to hear what to expect from us,” Andrews said, as well as explaining to employees what the board and community expect from them.

• Board members approved a Lakewood High School theatrical lighting upgrade for $219,595. It doesn’t include news lights, per se, but it replaces badly worn switches, control boards, wiring, and other hardware. Andrews said this replacement is a direct result of a district’s facilities assessment completed last year. The lighting fixtures were cited as something needing to be addressed soon.

“The district committed to a facilities assessment that was presented to the board at its December 2015 meeting,” Andrews said. “Since that time, we have been reviewing the priorities of this assessment.” She said some items need immediate resolution (for example, roofing, paving, lighting) and some require longer term planning. Board members toured buildings during special meetings this year.

“In an effort to keep you updated as you see work being done and contracts being awarded, we will work to make sure information is communicated,” Andrews said.

Andrews said board members requested qualifications through public notice for services related to the stadium upgrades as well as for services for renovation and potential construction of other facilities.

“Priorities defining the learning needs of students, safety, mechanical upgrades, and age and efficiency of buildings are guiding the work. This is the beginning of what can be an exciting time for our district.”

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