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Lakewood expects ‘effective’ rating

HEBRON – Lakewood School District Pupil Services Director Arnie Ettenhofer predicts the district will achieve 24 standards of 30 on the state exam, earning the district an “effective” rating.

“I’m guessing we’ll be ‘effective’ this year, but that’s just a guess,” he said during the Lakewood School Board’s July 8 meeting. Ettenhofer said achieving 24 standards would be two more than last year. The district will not have official results until August.

Board member Judy White and Ettenhofer said the district will be discussing how to to improve social studies and science scores.

In other school board news:

• School board members discussed implementing a uniform dress code for students, including khaki pants with a red, white, or blue top in honor of the school colors. The board did not approve a uniform code and board members were clear that it’s only under consideration.

Board Chair Joe Bowman, Jr. said he’d like to get through the district’s next levy campaign before worrying about a dress code. “There’s no hurry,” he said.

Board member Tricia Good said she didn’t think the students would be very happy with a dress code, but it would instill a sense of equality between students.

White said she’s in favor. “It’s a community decision,” she said.

Board member Rob Large suggested implementing a dress code – if and when it happens – in the lower grades first, and let it filter through the rest of the schools during the following years so it’s not such a shock to the older students who never had to worry about dress codes. “It makes kids feel part of a team,” he said.

Superintendent Jay Gault said he believes a dress code would eliminate some of the social cliques that form in any school and agreed a code would equalize students socially.

• Board members agreed to place an 8.9 mills levy on the November ballot, which, if voters approve, would generate roughly $3,198,530 for the district. Treasure Glenna Plaisted said she’s in the process of confirming the revenue with the Licking County Auditor ahead of preparing a board resolution. Board members believe an 8.9 mills levy would have a “psychological advantage” for success over a nine mills levy or higher.

• Board members approved LHS math teacher Rebecca Johnson’s resignation and approved a one-year contract for former Newark math teacher Stephen Marks. Gault said Marks was chosen from 30 applications for the position and was “bar none” the best qualified. Johnson taught at Lakewood for one year.

• The board will hold a special meeting at 7 a.m. on Wednesday, July 29, for a vote on a resolution to place the new levy on the November ballot.

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