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Lake area pet owners advised to watch their pets


I want to warn all pet owners in the Buckeye Lake area to SUPERVISE YOUR PETS AT ALL TIMES! I have recently learned of several pets that have been found dead, floating in the lake. PLEASE, if you see ANYONE attempting to harm an animal, call the police in your area.

I do know of one dog that was apparently thrown in the spillway and, although the dog was still alive, it was trapped. That dog was rescued by assistant dog warden Tyler Moore with the help of two Buckeye Lake Police officers (Haas and Nunemaker). Tyler had to connect several dog leashes together and literally fish the dog out of the spillway. I sincerely thank these three officers for their diligence in rescuing one of Buckeye Lake’s fourlegged residents.

So, as a WARNING to all pet owners… PLEASE do not leave your pets unattended if at all possible. I know some of us have street/stray cats that we cannot supervise at all times. But (and this is a warning/ reminder/promise to ANYONE who would harm an animal) we can and WILL put up web/video cameras and we’ll watch our streets and do whatever we can to keep our community safe for humans and pets!

Ohio has animal cruelty laws that are punishable with fines and jail time. To report animal cruelty in the Village of Buckeye Lake, call Licking County Humane Agent Paula Evans 740-967-3700; Licking County Sheriff’s Office at 740-670-5555; and the Buckeye Lake Police Department at 740-929-0999. In Perry County, call the Perry County Sheriff at (740) 342-4123. In Fairfield County, call the sheriff’s office at (740) 653-5223.

Please call me at 740-404-7880 if you find injured animals that need medical assistance or if you wish to share information about animals.

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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