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Kirkersville Lions disbanding


The Kirkersville Area Lions Club (1981-2009) has decided to cancel and surrender its membership in the Lions Club International at the end of June.

We want to thank Kirkersville and the surrounding areas for contributing and helping make our club a successful one. We are disbanding because in these hard economic times, we cannot continue to meet our obligations and help those in need. Membership has fallen to three dedicated persons and has not grown in several years. Without growth, an organization cannot survive.

We would like to thank the hundreds and thousands of Lions and clubs that have helped in our causes and continue the fight against blindness and other diseases. We as Lions have a clear cut path to help those in need, not only in sight, but a s a member of a community, to help those around us.

There are several clubs near you. If you need help, want to donate your time, make a difference in the community, or someone’s life, BECOME A MEMBER, look up a Lion club and ask how to get involved.

A big thank you to the Pataskala Lions Club for sponsoring us in 1981 and helping mentoring us throught the years, Commisioner Doug Smith for being our Guiding Lion, Governor Steve Tyo, VDG Gary Kelsey, Lions: Art Crabtree, Roy Brewer, Carol Johnson, and all of the Lions in 13k and especially those in District 2.

The remaining members will join other clubs We know the need to belong to the greatest and largest non-profit organization in the world.. If you have questions about Lions PLEASE call me at 614-949-5804 or 740-927-1313. Thank you!

David Roach Kirkersville

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