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Kirkersville keeps ‘watchdog’ busy


After receiving SOME of my requested records and listening to a taped meeting from Kirkersville, I report that, ONCE AGAIN, I am disappointed in how most Kirkersville officials think it is funny to play childish games with the public. I made my request in writing and on their own form so as not to cause confusion on what I wanted AND to give them a chance to explain their legal reasons for not giving up public records.

I received only SOME copies of the requested records AND they even copied my own request and sold it back to me! The bottom of their form has a “Notice of Denial or Redaction” that should have been filled out by their Fiscal Officer Shirley Roskoski (since she is in charge of the records requests), if they were not giving me all of the records. Ms. Roskoski is SUPPOSED to be a professional. Afterall, Kirkersville’s response to the auditor after getting dinged for noncompliance (just after hiring Ms. Roskoski although she was “helping” the previous clerks) was, “The Village has hired an experienced Fiscal Officer…”

During the Feb. 6, 2013, Kirkersville council meeting, Solicitor Brian Zets laughs while telling council about our mediation session with the Attorney General’s office. But how could an attorney, who thinks he’s such a hot shot, forget that the mediation was CONFIDENTIAL?! Hot shot? Hot NOT! While I’m not surprised at Kirkersville’s tolerance of these childish actions, I am a little surprised if the officials of the Village of Shawnee Hills (where Zets and Roskoski also work) tolerate this behavior in their town.

Police Chief Chapman told council at the February meeting, that part-time officer Gregory Sanders “was hired full time with Franklin County Sheriff’s office so he has stepped down. We also lost another officer, Eric Sayatovich who resigned a little over a week ago.” But, according to OPOTC (Ohio Peace Officer Training Commission) records, Gregory Sanders is still employed by Kirkersville. If he has been terminated, they did not receive the paperwork (which is required within 10 days after change of employment status). OPOTC says Sanders is not employed by the Franklin County Sheriff’s Office as a deputy.

Public records show the Kirkersville Police Officers for 2012 were: James Chapman, Staci Eiferd, Gregory Sanders, Milton Sayatovich, Jason Shepherd, Damian Smith and Matthew Francis (resigned in Sept, 2012). The Kirkersville Police roster from OPTOC for 2013 is: James Chapman, Staci Eiferd, Gregory Sanders, Jason Shepherd, Damian Smith, Cordell Wallace.

Chief Chapman proclaimed in the February council meeting that “a lot of traffic accidents kept his officers busy and the majority of these were in the Flying J parking lot.” Presumably, he was talking about the month of January since he would have been giving his report for the prior month. But I didn’t see, on the log sheets, where they had taken any accident reports for the month of January. The officers were busy, however. Some of the log sheet notations include patrolling the cemetery, running radar/laser and pulling vehicles over at W. Main St. near 158 bypass, stopping vehicles at Mink Drive, running tags at Flying J.

In the same council meeting, Chief Chapman announced that the black cruiser “was out of service for most of January because a lot of the sensors are bad. We just take it out when we absolutely have to.”

Kirkersville has two cruisers: a black one and a white one. But, according to the log sheets, both cars are identified as car #2 instead of black or white. There is a difference in the mileage though and, from what I can tell, they put 29 miles on the white car and 855 miles on the black car.

Kirkersville Police are vigilant about writing tickets to all kinds of people for ALL kinds of infractions. If you see infracthe tions such as speeding (89 in a 55), failure to control, following too close, reckless op, no seat belt, failure to appear, you might think that Kirkersville Police really have their hands full. But, according to public records, those infractions are just SOME of the violations that have been committed BY some of the current Kirkersville Police officers while off duty and/or before they came to Kirkersville.

Some of the Kirkersville elected officials used to be friends of mine. They supported my letters and used to “enjoy reading them” when we were friends. My letters haven’t changed but, unfortunately, my friends did. These former friends didn’t like the actions of former public officials…or so I was made to believe. But the actions of my former friends echo the actions of the former GOB’s. As I said before, Kirkersville is a teaching entity and should teach others how NOT to act. The majority of these public officials are no better than school yard bullies with a “do as I say not as I do” attitude!

To be continued…

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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