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Kirkersville has 10 police officers on roster


Continuing from last week….my concern that the pound made a woman take her dog back after she dumped it on a back road and she WASN’T CHARGED FOR DUMPING THE DOG, Deputy Dog Warden Tyler Moore says the Licking County Dog Pound only enforces ORC Chapter 955 (which pertains to licensing dogs). But even that is questionable at times.

I recently heard a rumor that a COUNTY dog warden (Moore) assisted in the release of dogs (on a holiday) from the CITY of Newark Police Department. People still confuse the Newark CITY Animal Control Officer with the COUNTY dog pound employees. Newark’s ACO does not work for the COUNTY dog pound but he has to take stray dogs there. When I heard the rumor, I questioned why the pound would be involved with abandoned dogs that had an owner since they have told me, and others, more than once that they do not take dogs other than STRAYS.

Since the dog pound is closed on holidays, and in an effort to disprove the rumor, I requested pound records for any after-hours calls from May 24 – 29. The records I received showed only one after hour call in Johnstown. I also requested records from the City of Newark and found that a COUNTY dog warden was involved in the release of the dogs at the Newark Police Department. Deputy Dog Warden Tyler Moore, was out of uniform, in one of the new pound trucks made an after-hours calls on Memorial Day, and charged the county FOUR hours of overtime (the tapes appear to show that he spent far LESS than four hours at NPD). Moore aided in the release of these dogs, even though he told NPD the day before that he wouldn’t take the dogs back to the alleged owner without making her buy dog tags and, as of June 16th, still had not made her buy dog tags!

This may not sound like a big deal but it is to me when one of the dogs ended up getting shot (not fatally but a leg was amputated) because they were taken back to the same situation they came from! I believe if the pound had stayed out of this, the Newark ACO would have sent these dogs to rescue as he has done many times in the past. In addition, this situation didn’t constitute an emergency call. Part of Moore’s answer when I asked him why he went to NPD (since he told them the night before that he wouldn’t help) was that his supervisor was on suspension and he wasn’t sure what to do! I don’t believe Silva wanted me to know about this situation and that is why it was left out of my records request. But the public records from NPD were very informative.

Also informative was a records request to the Ohio Peace Officer Training Academy which revealed that Kirkersville now has about 10 police officers! Their 2015 roster lists Chad Caldwell, Alexander Chhuom, Mark Drake, Brad Forren, William Justice, April Kistler, Wm Jason Lawless (Acting Chief), Carl Runyon, Amanda Snyder and David White.

More to come…

Bonnie Mansfield
Buckeye Lake

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