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Kiger endorses Bowman


I am writing this letter urging support for John Bowman for Fairfield County Clerk of Courts in the March 6 Republican Primary election. A friend and coworker for over 38 years I know and trust John Bowman. As a firefighter and paramedic on the Lancaster Fire Department, John earned my trust and respect.

The voters of Fairfield County now have the opportunity to put John’s honesty and work ethic at their disposal in the office of Fairfield County Clerk of Courts. It is my personal opinion that there is a real need for a change in that office. The present Clerk has been the source of continuing problems since her appointment and subsequent election to the office.

Missing money which has never been accounted for; attempted extorting of campaign contributions from her employees (denied prior to the election but admitted to in an Ethics Board hearing); having her public surety bond cancelled (later replaced at a higher price); and findings in the June 16 2011 Auditors report of inappropriate use of County issued credit cards are just a few examples of why change is needed.

John Bowman’s documented managerial skills coupled with his hands-on approach to seeing that a job is done right and done well is what we need in the Clerk of Court’s office.

Please join me in voting for John Bowman for Fairfield County Clerk of Courts.

Mike Kiger
Fairfield County Commissioner

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