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‘Keep up the great work!’


No matter what your position on the various contentious issues in The Beacon, one point is irrefutable: but for The Beacon’s reporting of it, most of us would never have heard about it.

We are blessed to have The Beacon as our own “hometown” weekly, and I offer my thanks to Charlie Prince and his mostable staff. All too often we take for granted those things that serve us well.

One only look to Columbus, where last fall The Dispatch bought virtually every printed newspaper or magazine in the central Ohio area, from all suburban publicans, to Columbus Monthly, even the so-called “Other Paper”! When an area has one source of news only, the owners of that news monopoly have incredible, unbridled power*.

Even though Charlie and I disagree on almost every national issue, I have no doubt about his love and caring for our glorious mud puddle and it’s people. Thanks again, Charlie – and keep up the great work!

Pete Myer
* I filed a complaint with the Feds
about this monopoly, but got nowhere,

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