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Kanuckel introduces himself


I am Doug Kanuckel, a candidate for County Commissioner.

I am a Christian attending church in Fallsbury Township, married 45 years and have three children and five grandchildren.

I served the residents of Licking County as a deputy sheriff for 12 years (supervisory position) and am now President of the Fallsbury Township Board of Trustees serving in my third term as a trustee.

I have also been involved in private enterprise as a small business owner and faced the joys and frustrations in that role.

I strongly believe that an elected official is first and foremost a public servant and a shepherd of the taxpayer’s money. I believe we need to focus on an efficient county government. That means we need to invoke cost saving measures when we can.

I was elected to Republican Central Committee in 2004 to present, appointed to Republican Executive Committee 2008 to present and honored as Licking County Republican of the Year in 2013.

Some of my major areas of concern are improved roads and safe bridges and the need to support the growth of existing small business in the county and to provide an environment that would encourage new business to move into the county, thus providing more jobs. We need to support our agricultural heritage.

I will devote 100% of my time to the office with no side interests to deter me. I am asking for the opportunity to make a difference.

Please vote for your Republican candidate Doug Kanuckel on May 6th. Thank you.

Doug Kanuckel
County Commissioner candidate

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