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‘Junkyard dog’ says prosecutor’s office protects GOB’s


This junkyard dog slept when the Bowling Green Township Trustees had a special meeting March 17. This 9 a.m. quickie was called by President VanBuren.

Less than a month earlier, Trustee Jeff Chorpenning had finally gotten trustees to award the township health insurance program to a company saving taxpayers thousands of dollars per year. The move could have saved the taxpayers upwards of $20,000 each year depending on usage!

Guess what happens at the “special emergency meeting” as this junkyard dog lie in bed snoozing. With the blessing of Eric Fox, township legal counsel, paid by “the taxpayers,” the story is told that lowering the cost of insurance where the trustees themselves would pay part of a deductible would be considered some kind of “interim increase or illegal interim change.” The video tape and podcast ( of the meeting say volumes.

President VanBuren votes to go back to an insurance plan that actually has AN INCREASE over prior costs! Tapes of the meeting indicate this to be around a 15% increase. Long term entitled Trustee Watkins also voted to have insurance where he would go back to having no out-of-pocket deductible expenses. Watkins won’t even take the money out of his pants that he got illegally for years. Double Dip Don’s reimbursement scheme took almost $3000 of OUR money. Chorpenning voted NO. Need I say more?

The GOB system is once again cloaked by the county prosecutor’s office legal maneuvering. This old “junkyard dog” can still sniff the truth.

Geary Stepp Bowling Green Township

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