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Joe Cooper thanked for service as township trustee


We would like to say thank you, thank you, thank you to former Licking Township Trustee Joe Cooper, for all the years of hard work, dedication, and service you have whole-heartedly contributed to our community. You have cast a large shadow in our township. You have done so in your low key, courteous, and conscientious way. What will we do without you watching over us?

The impact you have had on our township has been tremendous. You worked so hard on our Comprehensive Plan for our township, the Spring Cleanup that has become an annual event and more successful every year, and the electronic updates to our zoning code made possible by your research into past township resolutions. Joe, you not only sat on the board of trustees the first and third Mondays of the month, but you also attended the monthly zoning commission meetings as well. In these monthly meetings you contributed, supported, and encouraged the development and implementation of a zoning resolution that addresses the needs of the Licking Township of today.

Our website is another great contribution you have provided to the township. Thank you for giving me the opportunity to develop and maintain the website with you. The interesting history of our township is on our website due to your research and efforts to preserve the past. The History of Licking Township, Ghost Towns, Jacksontown Alumni 1890-1959 year book, one-room school history, and Abe Lincoln Town hall visit, and the Licking County Bicentennial Wagon Train (they looked historical) will always be tributes to your work.

Thanks for your efforts to upgrade our cemetery records and improve maintenance. Now we have cemetery information on our website.

There is one more thing. Your concerns for the township’s environmental well being, both now and in the future, are so very important and much appreciated. Hopefully this will continue to be a priority for the township now and in the future. Thank you for being so conscientious about being green. We appreciate what you have begun in our township, and your example will hopefully influence others to be concerned and aware of our environment as well.

Joe, you have done so much as a Licking Township Trustee. Thanks to you and to Teresa. We wish you the very best on your new adventure! Take care and God Bless.

Rhonda Carte and Rick Rife Licking Township

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