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It’s time to take action on filling the lake


As a homeowner, small business operator, and resident at Buckeye Lake, I am writing this letter to every property owner, business, and anyone else who has a vested interest in BUCKEYE LAKE returning to full operation in 2017.

I am concerned like many of you, that unless ODNR actively pursues a strategy to start collecting water in the lake “earlier” than past practices, we will yet again be left only with excuses and conversations about what might have been.

Well, I don’t know about you but I’m not willing to just sit by and “hope” it’s going to happen. Now I’m not an engineer nor an environmental specialist, but what I am blessed with is a decent amount of common sense. We all can see that during the last two years a large amount of land has sprouted along with significant foliage and this new land has had two years to dry out.

The lake surface normally covers just under 2900 acres. However, recent assessments show that less than 2400 acres are currently covered by water. Clearly it is reasonable to expect that water will be absorbed into all this dry land at a much higher rate and with the lake now being maintained well below normal winter pool, a significant amount of additional water will be needed to reach a usable summer pool. That’s true even at ODNR’s one foot lower ‘interim summer pool.’ The bottom line is without an active and aggressive plan starting as soon as possible, can we really expect that 2017 is going to be a successful boating year?

The recent articles in The Beacon have highlighted the problem so the real question is are you ready and willing to take action? If you’ve been asking yourself, what can I do – you can continue to “hope” that all the pieces are just going to fall into place or you can use the power of your pen to let our elected officials know we need their help.

Yes, I am going to urge you to write one positive letter thanking our elected officials for supporting repair of the dam thus far but emphasize and ask for their help in finding out why ODNR is not actively working a plan to compensate for Buckeye Lakes current “extra low” water condition. Use the analogy it’s always easier to let water out of the bathtub if required than to hope we get enough rain in the Spring to overcome last year’s drought. Suggesting the stop blocks be incrementally installed now to slowly capture early rain and snow melt seems like a prudent path to take.

After writing your letter, make three copies and send one to Governor Kasich, or cut/paste into his electronic website at Governor., send one to Representative Steven Stivers at gov, the third letter can be sent to Jay Hottinger’s email at and the fourth to the ODNR Director James Zehringer at Snailmail addresses are listed at the end of this letter. I know I’m asking for a lot here, and realize my neighbors on North Bank have taken the brunt and most detrimental impact of this dam project.

I’m sure most of you sent out more than four Christmas cards so if you can do that, how much more important is getting water back in our lake for 2017? The time to act is now and with the 30 foot stability berm and nearly three foot wide seepage barrier in place, there should be zero safety concerns for not pressing forward with refilling Buckeye Lake.

Are you ready to help, I urge you to stop complaining and join me and your other neighbors in encouraging our elected officials to do the right thing to put Buckeye Lake back into operation and save the 2017 boating season!

Robert Panian
South Bank

P. S. Mailing Addresses:
Governor John Kasich
77 S. High St, 30th floor
Columbus, OH 43215

Congressman Steve Stivers
3790 Municipal Way
Hilliard, OH 43026

Jay Hottinger – State Senator
1 Capitol Square
Columbus, OH 43215

James Zehringer – Director
2045 Morse Rd,
Columbus, OH 43229

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