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It’s time to speak up on zoning changes in Thorn Township


Thorn Township residents with property zoned rural residential should be aware that the township zoning commission is currently reconsidering the 300 foot road frontage and 3.5 acre area requirements. The most road frontage and land area required by any township next to Thorn Township is 200 feet and 2.0 acres. I believe these surrounding townships have a more reasoned and fair approach to this matter. Thorn Township’s requirements are too restrictive and punitive.

Unfortunately, I have been the only voice for this position in the zoning commission meetings. Since no one else is showing up for these meetings and voicing their opinions to commission members, the commission members think residents are satisfied with the current restrictions. From private discussions, I know many residents share my concerns about these limitations on our property rights. It is now time to speak up publicly.

Last November, we had an opportunity to retain or reject zoning. Voters decided to retain zoning, but many expressed concerns about some of the zoning provisions. It’s time to let commission members and our trustees know what we want changed. I urge you to support your fellow residents who have fallen victim to some of the zoning restrictions. Please contact any of the fivezoning commission members and our three trustees listed below:

Zoning Commission Robert Kirkbride-246-6922 Marci McCauley-246-5949 Jocie McGlothlin-246-6963 Jerry Nethers-246-4773 Ron White-246-6458

Trustees David Hoops-246-5332 Tim Phipps-246-6390

Rick Wilson-246-5544

Or better yet, please come to the next zoning commission meeting at 7 p.m. on Wednesday, April 18 at the township hall in Thornville.

Robert Reed Thorn Township

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