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It’s time to remember needy kids at Christmas


Here I come with a handful of want and a mouth full of give me…PLEASE!

Imagine this if you will? One teacher, after asking her students what they want for Christmas, received a request from one little girl who only wanted a candy cane. That is a true story. There will be no lighted Christmas tree or overfilledstockings. There will be no Christmas dinner and maybe no heat at all for some families in this tri-county area.

In this day and age it seems everyone I know is going through a crisis. Money is tight, health issues abound, and family conflictand struggle is the norm. If you read this paper you know that businesses and individuals get asked for money frequently for just about everything under the sun. Many never say “no.” This is truly a giving area.

In my opinion, this is the most important fundraiser of the year. I am asking the more affluentresidents to match my donation of $500. Compassion is everything at a time like this; some children are victims of circumstance.

Bud and Marty Springer are the third couple to carry the fundraising baton for TIPS FOR TOTS. At it’s beginning in 1998, Dave and Sandy helped seven families in Buckeye Lake with $1,180. In 2006, Ed and Bev Hulls and the RED NECK WOMEN helped 550 families in Hebron, Heath, Millersport, Thornville, Fairfield Beach and Buckeye Lake with $24,000. The need to help kids at this special time of year is growing and Thank God that your generosity has grown as well. There is no donation too small or too large in this case. To see a small sparkle in a child’s eyes at Christmas is priceless.

Our local schools identify the families in need. Your donations buy gift cards for the children.

This year our special night is Friday, Nov. 2 at Buckeye Lake VFW Post #1388. Everything starts at 7 p.m. If you can’t make it in person, please send your taxdeductible donation, made payable to TIPS FOR TOTS, to P.O. Box 867, Millersport Ohio 43046.

There is another event benefitingTIPS FOR TOTS. On Friday, October 26, starting at 6:00 p.m. at the Island House, Michelle Glen is heading up the “Almost celebrity bartender contest.” All tips will go to the T.F.T. Michelle has been raising funds for over 30 years for children. Please support her commitment to helping children.

Thank you for your generosity and commitment to such a great cause.

Bud and Marty Springer The Redneck Women Victoria Wolfe

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