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It’s still a spending problem


By now everyone in Baltimore has seen their new water/sewer bills, and I am sure that everyone is happy. Now that we all are happy, lets look further into the spending in Baltimore.

According to official “Village Of Baltimore” audits by the Auditor of The State Of Ohio, debt in Baltimore on December 31, 1999, was $ 858,813. Next was the Ohio EPA creating new debt for Baltimore, and according to a letter from Village Administrator Scott Brown, dated March 14, 2012….addressed to “Dear Village Resident”… I have lived at my present address for 30 years, but I did not received this mailing….but the letter states that the “Ohio EPA required the village to build a new wastewater treatment plant, and this plant placed a $5 million dollar burden on the residents of Baltimore. At the end of 2006, debt in Baltimore increased to $5,402,024.

By the end of 2009, that debt had increased another $ 2,879,116 to a new total of $ 8,281,140. Village Council blames “previous” Village Councils for not taking action several years ago, but where were the actions by this council, who many of the present members have been there for multiple terms. Yes, there is an “income” problem, but when you cannot slow or stop the “spending”, income will never keep up. Say what you wish, but “this” council is just as responsible as those they wish to blame. Many of the present council members were responsible for the $ 2,879,116 increase since 2009.

As it stands today, every man, woman and child living in Baltimore owes an average of $ 3,000 each to eliminate that debt. What effect has this had on the Village Council, Village Mayor, and Village Administrator? They want to run a sewer line into Walnut Township and want to run a sewer down Holder Road. Those folks, who spent thousands of dollars to install septic systems, will be forced to tap into this proposed sewer extension. So I do not forget, the Village Administrator has “talked” about a new water plant.

Now, you tell me….is it an “income” problem, or a “spending” problem ?

Charles R. Lamb

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