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It’s official: ‘Salute the BLASST 2008 – Cruise the Lake and Celebrate!’


July 4 is a Friday this year and some people are wondering about the date for our fireworks show. In a perfect world, the BLASST would be on the national holiday. However the world isn’t perfect as you all know. Let me explain the reality I had to come to a couple of years ago. This rule is set in stone, so even if the 4th falls on a weekend, BLASST will always be on July 3 until another arrangement can be reached with the state.

The fireworks are held in a state park and we are grateful that ODNR is willing to work with us to carry on our tradition. ODNR is on a very tight budget, so they have cut their staff to a bare minimum. ODNR needs extra staff here on our fireworks day. So ODNR pulls staff from other state parks to cover our event. They can’t do that on the holiday itself because those officersneed to be in their own parks that day. Again, the fact that we can still carry on our tradition is a blessing. Please keep that in mind.

Although I had great intentions for the “name the theme” contest, it seems only about half the email entries made it down to my computer in Florida. I didn’t discover this until I got home. Time Warner bought Adelphia and they are having problems switching things over to Roadrunner. I thank everyone who participated and I send my sincere apologies to everyone that submitted entries that didn’t make it into the Beacon. However, we have a winner! The theme this year is “Salute the BLASST 2008 – Cruise the Lake and celebrate!” submitted by Linda Dick of South Bank. Thank you and congratulations, Linda!

This theme makes it easy to decorate a boat for the Buckeye Lake Civic Association’s annual boat parade which, in fact, will be on July 4th as it should be. If you have never decorated a boat and joined the parade, you’re missing a whole new world. It is simply amazing how many people can fiton a lakefront home front lawn.

June 1 is the cutoff date for hole sponsors for the BLASST golf outing. If you donate $100 or more to BLASST, you get a sign with your name on it. The signs are displayed on the golf course during the outing then given to the donor. Call Marty to reserve a sign today at 467-3120.

By the way, what’s up with this weather here in Ohio? I knew I was home when the majority of days were dark, cold and rainy. Jezz-zooie! On the positive side, seeing this special body of water I love to my very core is extremely helpful. The color of the sunrise this morning has every pink and orange you can imagine. There’s no place like home.
Victoria Wolfe
Co-Chair of BLASST

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