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It’s harvest time



HEBRON – Thursday was the first day of Fall. Thanks to hot temperatures and relatively dry weather, several area farmers have a good start on their harvest.

Wednesday afternoon, a Slater Brothers Farm LLC crew was harvesting corn on the north side of Canal Road just outside of Hebron. Slater Brothers have been harvesting corn for over a week.

It’s a multi-step process before the grain even leaves the field. Combines have limited storage capacity. To keep the combine in the corn as much as possible, a tractor with a grain buggy or cart off-loads the combine on the run.

The buggy then off-loads into a waiting tractor trailer rig that takes the grain to family’s drying and storage facility just off Ohio 37 south of I-70. Corn must be dried using natural gas or propane before it can be sold or stored.

Yields look good this year, particular considering the midsummer drought scare. Rains arrived before any serious damage was done to crops.



Prices will be a major challenge this year with a large harvest expected and high carryover inventories





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