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It’s been 10 long years living next to a junk yard


Everyone I know takes pride in keeping up their homes and yards. When we keep our homes and yards clean and update them our community looks nice.

For at least 10 years, Union Avenue residents have had to live by a junk yard. It’s one thing to have high grass, but quite another to have saw blades, nails and rusty tools lying in the grass along the road. That’s where our children have to walk when they have to let a car pass them. Our children and others also have to contend with large, uncovered holes in the ground. We’re concerned they might fall in one when chasing a runaway ball.

We just want some support from our community. We want our community to be safe and look nice at the same time. We are not asking for the impossible.

There are so many simple things that could be done to gradually clean up this junk yard. Why can’t this process get started? How many years does it take to clean up a small property?

We invite Council President Jeryn Peterson to come live where we do, and look and smell this mess everyday. How long will it take before she wants to move? We shouldn’t have to be the ones to have to move just because we don’t want to live next to a yard full of broken sinks, toilets, junk cars, boats and hundreds of tires that hold water and breed mosquitos.

We want to go out into our yards and enjoy ourselves without having to run inside to avoid the bugs and the smell from our neighbor’s yard. Why did Peterson and others run for village council if they are just going to sit back and do nothing once they get in office? If you aren’t going to do your job , we want somebody who will do it. Show us you care about our entire community.

Another concerned Union Avenue resident.

Nona Gleckler
Buckeye Lake

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